Congratulations! U.S. President-elect Barack Obama

What an election! and the result has been mind-blowing in its implications not only for the U.S.A. but the whole world as well.  Sen. Barack Obama has become the President-elect of the United States of America.  

With almost all news outlets covering this epoch-making feat of the next 44th American President, focus has been also seen on those inspired by the sheer determination, courage under fire, and eloquence of this relatively young U.S. presidential candidate to become the first African-American President of the U.S.A. The youth vote definitely helped in his victory, for as pundits have it, his speeches, demeanor, and programs have inspired a largely apathetic 18-35 year-old demographic to come out and vote. 

Alas, vote they did: 336 electoral votes for Barack Obama against John McCain’s 163. In the popular votes, that’s 59,380,437 for Obama against 53,443,728 for McCain. (source:CNN); Record-breaking numbers definitely for this 2008 U.S. Election.

His victory is definitely inspiring for us who just don’t dream of change, who don’t just give in to apathy to our world’s and our respective country’s myriad problems, who do their little bit to contribute to the common good.

Yes, We Can Barack…Yes, We Can!

Scene from a campaign clip released just before the election.

The U.S. Elections: The Whole World is Watching

As the U.S. presidential campaigns wind down, the whole world has been observed to follow this 2008 Election more closely than in elections past. The volatility of the world’s markets due to the U.S. credit crunch, the U.S. war against terror, and the possibility of a first black American president have all made this election the most noteworthy in recent memory.

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AND on a lighter note…Mario Bros. 2 theme on Level 1 of the game rendered on acoustic guitar…

Have a great week ahead to yah!

Cute and Creepy: PedoBear


Browsing through Youtube for viral vids of the past year and WHOA…the cuddly bear that has a penchant for young flesh…Really young flesh, yikes!… Just in time for Halloween…something cute, cuddly…and definitely creepy…Ladies and Gentlemen, hide your young…Iiiiiits PedoBear!….(not for the faint of heart!)

Funny and utterly disturbing at the same time…”I love my women like my whiskey…12 years old…”- PedoBear


Screams From Halloween Past

Yup, Hallows Eve’s just a few days away. And as I was browsing through my RSS reader (Google Reader)…A very interesting post just came up about scream-worthy scenes from some of the SCARIEST movies ever…

The original “Psycho”. The scene that has made some really, really scared of going to the shower…

The sexiest screamer in my book, Jennifer Love Hewitt, in “I Know What You Did Last Summer”

What’s on your scariest scream list? hmmm? c”,

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Well, ads need to grab attention…The geniuses at bring us SHOCKVERTISING…No kidding these ads were cleared from their adhouses…from downright hilarious to grossingly puke-provoking madness…

Yikes, makes me wanna just watch and NEVER buy the products…Yikes! c’,

Georgia Chrome is Way Hotter than Felicity Fox…

Ok, the title of this post is downright cheesy; bordering on those DVD box covers you might see on AFDB.

Sorry about that…

Now, on to my two cents’ of what Google Chrome (aka Georgia Chrome) and how it compares to the browser-on-my-desktop-at-the-moment FireFox 2 (aka Felicity Fox) with add-ons galore .

Yesterday morning, I had a newsletter in my inbox and rss entry on GReader (that’s Google Reader)  from (by the way, gives no BS reviews) about Google Chrome Beta. Well, I trust them, so I headed to the download page of Google Chrome Beta where I was impressed by the get-to-know videos and the comic illustrations on why Google had to come up with their own browser as an idea whose time has come.

Well, needless to say, I downloaded the newest browser AND boy, was I impressed. Just as the introductory videos described it, it was clean, simple, and had a few tricks up its sleeve and ‘under the hood’. The local “techie”, whom I owe my arse countless of times, seconded my opinion about it.

Benchmarking testing on Google Chrome Beta

Benchmarking testing on Google Chrome Beta

I had the whole morning tooling around its features. And what really got me hooked with this innovative browser is the incognito window (awesome for security freaks like me; once bitten and twice shy, may I add). I get to keep on browsing without ever being afraid of tracking ‘cookies’ and other malware from getting to my PC/workstation (I run Chrome Beta on Windows XP SP2 on an Intel Dual Core 2.0 Ghz unit with 1 GB of RAM). 

I happen to have a bad habit of opening multiple tabs or windows on my FireFox browser. With Google Chrome, I am assured that if a tab or window on it happens to ‘crash’, it won’t affect the whole system. That’s another great feature about this new browser from Google, which they brag as “being built from the ground-up”.

Well, there are more great features on this browser I have yet to discover and I do still use my FireFox ver. 2 with my essential add-ons as a back-up browser just in case. Chrome is still on beta (as of this writing) and there are still some issues to be resolved such as Mozilla Firefox add-on compatibility (yeah, how soon can they be had on Chrome?) and much more to be found out by third-party testers/reviewers in the coming days and weeks.

My own two cents’ here is I like it. It’s fast, it has a clean and simple interface, the keyboard shortcuts on it are familiar (Mozilla had a hand in its development, some pundits say) and how it appears on my 15-in. LCD screen (fabulous!). 

I really can’t wait ’til it is out of beta.

Great job, Google, GREAT job!

Video reviews about Google Chrome Beta from:

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Google Chrome Beta and Firefox 3 side-by-side:

Vision of Hell

What you are about to see is a four-minute clip of Hell.

(Warning: May cause sleeplessness, indigestion, and general nausea)

I find you hot Heidi Montag but please spare us the 80’s flashback-with-leotarded-idiots-surrounding-you theme on your next music video (or ANY upcoming videos for that matter…).

NO and NOT ever… c”,